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St Andrews Events and Reading Groups

Save the Bees with Professor Dave Goulson

Thursday 16th September, 8pm

Insects represent the overwhelming majority of animal species on earth, likely accounting for up to 90% of the animal diversity of our planet. They also power many of our ecosystems; acting as pollinators, waste disposal and pest control. Insects are so vital to our daily lives that esteemed American biologist E.O. Wilson famously declared that […] See more »

Live In-Person: Maggie O’Farrell

Friday 17th September, 8pm

Award-winning novelist Maggie O’Farrell joins us for an evening to celebrate the brilliant success of her Women’s Prize winning novel, Hamnet. In a beautiful imagining of the short life of Shakespeare’s son and the untold story of his wife “Agnes” Hathaway, this book is a profound exploration of grief and the healing power of creativity. […] See more »

Live In-Person: Joanne Harris

Tuesday 21st September, 8pm

It’s an incendiary moment for St Oswald’s school. For the first time in its history, a headmistress is in power: the gates are opening to girls. Rebecca Buckfast has spilled blood to reach this position. Barely forty, she is just starting to reap the harvest of her ambition. As the new regime takes on the […] See more »

Live In-Person: Ian Rankin on The Dark Remains

Monday 27th September, 8pm

Join us for a very special evening with Ian Rankin as we celebrate the publication of this extraordinary new book, which brings together two of Scotland’s most esteemed crime writers. When William McIlvanney died in 2015, he left a handwritten manuscript of Laidlaw’s first case tantalisingly unfinished. Who better to add the finishing touches than […] See more »

Live In-Person: Andrew Greig

Tuesday 28th September, 8pm

This September we are delighted to welcome Andrew Greig to the bookshop to celebrate the publication of his latest novel Rose Nicolson which is partly set in St Andrews. Embra, winter of 1574. Queen Mary has fled Scotland, to raise an army from the French. Her son and heir, Jamie is held under protection in […] See more »

Live In-Person: James Naughtie

Thursday 30th September, 8pm

James Naughtie, the acclaimed author and BBC broadcaster, joins us live to share his unique insight into the country that has fascinated him and drawn him across the Atlantic for half a century. On the Road is filled with anecdotes, memories, tears and laughter reflecting Naughtie’s characteristic warmth and enthusiasm. As a student, Naughtie watched […] See more »

RESCHEDULED: Live In-Person: Tim Parks

Tuesday 5th October, 8pm

Bestselling author Tim Parks follows the hair-raising journey of Italian revolutionary, Giuseppe Garibaldi, 250-miles on foot from Rome to Ravenna, to explore Italy’s past and present. In the summer of 1849, Garibaldi, Italy’s legendary revolutionary hero, was finally forced to abandon his defence of Rome. He and his men had held the besieged city for […] See more »

Live In-Person: James Holland

Wednesday 6th October, 8pm

We are delighted to welcome the internationally acclaimed, award-winning historian, writer, and broadcaster, James Holland, to Topping & Company Booksellers. We welcome you for an event to celebrate the publication of, Brothers In Arms. James’ latest book tells the untold story of one of the great WW2 tank regiments: The Sherwood Rangers. Covering thousands of miles and […] See more »

Live In-Person: Merlin Sheldrake

Thursday 7th October, 8pm

The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them. Entangled Life was, perhaps unexpectedly, one of the most talked about books of last year. We are delighted that author Merlin Sheldrake will join us for a live, in person event this October to celebrate its paperback release and the great success of […] See more »

Live In-Person: Professor Andrew Pettegree & Arthur der Weduwen

Tuesday 12th October, 8pm

Famed across the known world, jealously guarded by private collectors, built up over centuries, destroyed in a single day, ornamented with gold leaf and frescoes – or filled with bean bags and children’s drawings – the history of the library is rich, varied and stuffed full of incident. In The Library: A Fragile History, St […] See more »

Live In-Person: Colm Tóibín

Wednesday 13th October, 7.30pm

We’re tremendously excited to announce that Colm Tóibín – three time Booker-shortlisted author, and one of our greatest living writers, will be coming to St Andrews. We welcome you for an event to celebrate his forthcoming novel, The Magician. Colm’s latest book tells the fascinating story of another acclaimed writer Thomas Mann, and the contradictions that plagued […] See more »

Live In-Person: James Robertson

Thursday 14th October, 8pm

James Robertson is one of our finest contemporary Scottish writers and his dedication to the Scottish literary tradition is unrivaled. The former Edinburgh bookseller and Edinburgh University student made his name translating children’s books into Scots, and since then has written many acclaimed works including Booker shortlisted The Testament of Gideon Mack  and all-time bookseller […] See more »

Francis Spufford

Live In-Person: Francis Spufford

Friday 15th October, 8pm

We are delighted to announce a live in-person event with 2021 Booker Longlisted author Francis Spufford on Light Perpetual, which is proving to be one of this year’s literary highlights. November 1944. A German rocket strikes London, and five young lives are atomised in an instant. November 1944. That rocket never lands. A single second […] See more »

Live In-Person: Bernardine Evaristo

Saturday 16th October, 8pm

We are so excited to welcome the incredible Bernardine Evaristo to St Andrews for her new, powerful and urgent manifesto this October. Bernardine Evaristo’s 2019 Booker win for Girl, Woman, Other – the first by a black woman – was a revolutionary moment both for British culture and for her. After three decades as a […] See more »

Live In-Person: Colin Thubron

Monday 18th October, 8pm

In his 80th year, acclaimed travel writer and novelist, Colin Thubron, made a dramatic and ambitious journey along the almost unknown river that divides China and Russia. The tenth longest river in the world, rising in the Mongolian mountains and flowing through Siberia to the Pacific, the Amur River forms the tense border between  Russia and China.  Thubron’s […] See more »

Live In Person: Graeme Macrae Burnet

Tuesday 19th October, 8pm

We have another wonderful event scheduled with one of our favourite writers, Graeme Macrae Burnet. Graeme has visited Topping & Company Booksellers twice before, for Man Booker Shortlisted His Bloody Project and The Accident on the A35. “I have decided to write down everything that happens, because I feel, I suppose, I may be putting myself […] See more »

Live In-Person: Neil Oliver

Wednesday 20th October, 8pm

Renowned archaeologist and TV presenter Neil Oliver joins us to celebrate his new book The Story of the World in 100 Moments. Oliver takes the reader on a global tour, reaching back in time to consider moments that serve as stepping stones to offer unexpected glimpses of the everyday of the ancients. Unearthing both the […] See more »

Live In-Person: Miriam Margolyes

Friday 22nd October, 8pm

BAFTA-winning actor, voice-actor extraordinaire, creator of a myriad of unforgettable characters from Lady Whiteadder to Professor Sprout, Miriam Margolyes, OBE, is the nation’s favourite (and naughtiest) treasure. Now, at the age of 80, she has finally decided to tell her extraordinary life story – and it’s well worth the wait. Find out how being conceived […] See more »

Live In-Person: Peter Bakes

Tuesday 26th October, 8pm

Peter Bakes is the first book by the youngest winner of the Great British Bake Off, Peter Sawkins. Peter won the coveted GBBO cake-stand in November 2020 with his imaginative, distinctly Scottish twists on baking classics. However, it was his unsurpassed flair for flavour, his witty, self-deprecating honesty, and, of course, his sheer passion for baking that made him an […] See more »

Live In-Person: Sarah Hall

Wednesday 27th October, 8pm

Twice nominated Man Booker Prize author, Sarah Hall, will be joining us for a live in-person event in October to celebrate the publication of her forthcoming novel Burntcoat. We are extremely privileged to host Sarah, who also studied at St Andrews University, for a novel that has been described as an electrifying novel of passion, […] See more »

Live In-Person: Mary Beard

Thursday 4th November, 8pm

This November, we will welcome one of the world’s leading classicists to the bookshop. We are delighted that the brilliant Mary Beard will join us for a live event to discuss her new book Twelve Caesars. In this richly illustrated book, published in association with the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, Beard asks: […] See more »

Live In-Person: Richard Holloway

Wednesday 10th November, 8pm

Throughout his life Richard Holloway has turned to poets and writers for help in looking for answers to life’s mysteries, and for solace and guidance in the face of life’s challenges. In The Heart of Things Richard brings together those poems and words which have meant the most to him, whether they have been life-long guides or […] See more »

Live In-Person: Annie Robertson on The Lobster Bay Series

Thursday 11th November, 8pm

We are delighted to host Annie for her Lobster Bay series this coming Autumn and we will be celebrating her two novels that have been released so far, The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay and the soon to be published, Christmas at Lobster Bay. For those of you that don’t know Annie’s first in the series […] See more »

Live In-Person: Simon Heffer on Chips Channon’s Diaries

Thursday 18th November, 8pm

This event has been rescheduled to the 18th of November. Acclaimed historian Simon Heffer will be talking about Chips Channon’s diaries, now published for the first time in unexpurgated form. A heavily abridged and censored form of the diaries was published in 1967. Only now, 60 years after Chips’ death, can the text be shared […] See more »

Live In-Person: Sarah Moss

Tuesday 23rd November, 7pm

Acclaimed author of Summerwater and Ghost Wall, Sarah Moss is coming to the bookshop for the celebration of her new book The Fell, a sharply observed and darkly funny novel for our times. At dusk on a November evening in 2020 a woman slips out of her garden gate and turns up the hill. Kate […] See more »

Live In-Person: The Art of Wild Swimming

Wednesday 24th November, 8pm

From the authors of Taking the Plunge comes a brilliant new book on the where, when, how and why of wild swimming in Scotland. In this new book, Anna Deacon and Vicky Allan draw on the passion and knowledge of wild swimming communities to create a practical, adventurous and sometimes quirky guide to Scottish wild […] See more »

Live In-Person: Salley Vickers

Thursday 25th November, 8pm

We remember fondly when Salley Vickers visited us in 2020 for her acclaimed Grandmothers and we are very excited for our new event with Salley in November to celebrate the publication of The Gardener.  When two sisters, Hassie and Margot Days, hire Murat, who has recently arrived in Hope Wenlock from Albania, to be their […] See more »

Live In-Person: Black British Lives Matter

Tuesday 30th November, 7pm

This November, we will be welcoming MBE Marcus Ryder and barrister Alexandra Wilson to celebrate and discuss this very exciting collection of essays. Black British Lives Matter is a response to the international outcry at George Floyd’s death. Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder have commissioned these essays to discuss how and why we need to […] See more »

Live In-Person: An Evening with Alexander McCall Smith

Tuesday 7th December, 8pm

We are delighted that Alexander McCall Smith joins us later this year for an evening celebrating his wonderful writing career. This Autumn brings three new books from Alexander, one of Topping & Company’s best loved writers. They are: standalone novel The Pavilion in the Clouds which is set in St Andrews, the latest No. 1 […] See more »

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