St Andrews Events and Reading Groups

An Evening with Irvine Welsh

Friday 23rd March, 8pm

‘The sweat wis lashin oafay Sickboy’ — so begins Irvine Welsh’s 1993 classic, Trainspotting. But Renton, Begbie, Sickboy, and Spud have moved on, and one of them will not survive Irvine’s latest book. ‘A disquieting rivulet of sweat trickles down my back’ — so begins Dead Men’s Trousers, the latest instalment in Welsh’s famous (and […] See more »

The Galley Bookclub – For Children Aged 7 – 11

Sunday 25th March, 10am

The Galley Bookclub is our ongoing informal monthly gathering for young readers,  where we talk about books, and share snacks and recommendations, it’s the perfect opportunity for budding book-lovers to make new discoveries in literature and new friends! At the club we talk a little about the books we love (and those we haven’t!) and […] See more »

The Literary Odyssey – March Reading Group

Wednesday 28th March, 6pm

“I will exile my thoughts if they think of you again, and I will rip my lips out if they say your name once more. Now if you do exist, I will tell you my final word in life or in death, I tell you goodbye” Hamsun, in Hunger. This month we’re in Norway with […] See more »

The Young Adult Bookgroup

Sunday 1st April, 11am

The YA Bookgroup is our informal monthly gathering for our young adult readers where we discuss the latest in young adult fiction and culture. It’s the perfect opportunity for young adult readers to share book recommendations and meet new people, and perfect for aspiring editors and writers alike. For each group we discuss the books […] See more »

Brian Johnstone with Jukebox Jeopardy

Tuesday 3rd April, 8pm

Brian Johnstone was born in Edinburgh and has lived in Fife since 1972 where has been variously a primary school teacher, festival director of StAnza, and of course, a writer of poetry. Along with his various collections and pamphlets, he also published his memoir Double Exposure with Saraband in 2017. Jukebox Jeopardy is conceived as […] See more »

Peacock’s Alibi: Stuart David from Belle & Sebastian

Thursday 12th April, 8pm

If Stuart David ever gives up the day job, pop music’s loss would be literature’s gain — The Times A founding member of Belle & Sebastian, Stuart David joins us to talk about his new novel Peacock’s Alibi. Peacock Johnson is a man about town in Glasgow, and will be familiar to readers from his […] See more »

David Stuttard with Nemesis: Alcibiades & The Fall of Athens

Wednesday 18th April, 8pm

Famous in the ancient world for his guile, cunning, and charm, Alcibiades was a skilled general and ruthless politician. His central role in the Peloponnesian War and friendship with Socrates mark him as a towering figure of Ancient Greece. Known as a serial traitor he had enemies aplenty. In Nemesis: Alcibiades & the Fall of Athens, […] See more »

Michael Broers with Napoleon: Spirit of the Age

Thursday 19th April, 8pm

‘The scholarship is impressive, the narrative has pace and panache’ — The Times Professor of Western European History at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, Michael Broers joins us with the second instalment in his biography of that most intriguing historical leader: Napoleon Bonaparte. Volume one, Solider of Destiny, was praised for its ‘detail, empathy and even-handedness’, […] See more »

Professor Sue Black with All That Remains: A Life in Death

Wednesday 25th April, 8pm

Neither sad nor macabre, Sue Black’s All That Remains is an intimate portrait of her life with death. Black’s career as a forensic anthropologist, which has taken her from St Thomas’ Hospital in London, to the front line of international criminal cases and disasters (including the 1999 investigation in Kosovo, the aftermath of the 2004 […] See more »

Kirsty Logan with The Gloaming

Thursday 26th April, 8pm

Kirsty Logan is a Scottish writer of fiction and poetry, whose debut novel, The Gracekeepers was described in the Sunday Telegraph as ‘enchanting and heart-tugging’ , and won a Lambda Literary Award. Kirsty joins us to celebrate the release of her second novel, The Gloaming, which is set on the island where young Mara lives with her family. […] See more »

School of Night: Sophie Collins & Richard Scott

Tuesday 1st May, 8pm

We celebrate two of the most anticipated debut poetry collections of the year, both from Faber & Faber. Sophie Collins was featured in Penguin Modern Poets 1: If I’m Scared We Can’t Win alongside Emily Berry and Anne Carson, and edited the acclaimed anthology of translation Currently & Emotion. Her debut collection, Who is Mary […] See more »

Don Paterson: The Poem

Thursday 10th May, 8pm

Don Paterson is one of the most celebrated poets writing today. Having won the T.S. Eliot and Costa Poetry Prizes twice, and with all three Forward Prizes under his belt, he is undoubtedly a master of the craft. Alongside his poetry collections he has published various works of criticism and aphorism, and has performed extensively […] See more »

Sir Antony Beevor: The Battle of Arnhem

Thursday 14th June, 8pm

We are delighted to welcome esteemed historian Sir Antony Beevor to mark the publication of his latest book, Arnhem: The Battle for the Bridges, 1944. Known for his landmark historical studies — including Stalingrad, Berlin: The Downfall 1945, and D-Day:The Battle for Normandy, to name but a few — he is one of our best-selling and most highly […] See more »