St Andrews Events and Reading Groups

The YA Bookclub

Sunday 2nd April, 11.30am

The Young Adult bookclub is back by popular demand for teen readers! We’ll be meeting once a month to talk about exciting YA fiction to come- publishers send us advance copies by superstar authors (Patrick Ness, Veronica Roth, James Dashner and more) as well as eclectic mix of thrillers, fantasies and poignant coming of age […] See more »

An Evening With Sarah Dunant

Thursday 6th April, 8pm

Sarah Dunant, the internationally acclaimed author of The Birth of Venus, joins us to celebrate In the Name of the Family. “It is better to be feared than loved…” – Niccolo Machiavelli Dunant’s new novel is a brutal, stunning account of young Machiavelli’s encounter with the notorious Borgia family. A follow-up to the acclaimed Blood & Beauty, In the […] See more »

An Evening with N T Wright : The Day the Revolution Began

Tuesday 11th April, 8pm

Former Bishop of Durham and now research professor at the University of St Andrews, Tom Wright has done much to shape the landscape of popular theology. In The Day the Revolution Began Tom Wright invites readers to consider the full meaning of the event at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus’ crucifixion. As he […] See more »

An Evening with Andrew Greig & Mike Heron: Tuning Into the 60s

Tuesday 11th April, 8pm

‘Mike Heron as part of the Incredible String Band, changed the way I looked at music. Read it!‘ – Billy Connolly Join founding member of The Incredible String Band Mike Heron and author Andrew Greig as they talk about the heady times of the 60s British folk music scene, from the perspectives of one of […] See more »

Bettany Hughes with Istanbul

Wednesday 12th April, 8pm

Istanbul has always been a place where stories and histories collide and crackle, where the idea is as potent as the historical fact. From the Qu’ran to Shakespeare, this city with three names – Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul – resonates as an idea and a place, and overspills its boundaries – real and imagined. Standing as […] See more »

School of Night : Poetry with Eric Langley

Tuesday 18th April, 8pm

The School of Night – inspired by the group which included Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh – is our Year Round Poetry Festival. Curated with the help of Don Paterson we have played host to poets as varied as Paul Muldoon, Sam Riviere, Karen Solie, Simon Armitage, Annie Freud, Glyn Maxwell and Liz Lochhead. […] See more »

Stuart MacBride with A Dark So Deadly

Wednesday 19th April, 8pm

Stuart MacBride is one of the leading lights of Scottish crime fiction, renowned for his realism and tightly plotted, strikingly gritty police procedurals, the Logan MacRae and Ash Henderson serials. Now he has put his talents to use in producing a spectacular standalone thriller, A Dark So Deadly. With all the wit, grit, and pace of […] See more »

The Story of Surveillance with Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones

Thursday 20th April, 8pm

In a world where public debates on surveillance are increasingly prolific, one could be mistaken for assuming we have a full understanding of the methods employed to keep an eye on us. As Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones demonstrates in this illuminating book, however, our knowledge of the ways in which our personal information and movements are tracked […] See more »

Chris Brookmyre with Want You Gone

Wednesday 26th April, 8pm

A staple of Scottish crime fiction, Brookmyre is a must for readers with a thirst for dark humour and compelling narratives – now he’s back with brand new Jack Parlabane thriller, Want You Gone! Val McDermid calls Brookmyre “Fast, funny and furious” and Mark Billingham says he’s unique;  The Times aptly labelled him “Criminally funny”. Twenty ingenious novels, including the award winning Black Widow and […] See more »

Sumayya Usmani : Mountain Berries and Desert Spice

Friday 28th April, 8pm

We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming back Sumayya Usmani, who captivated us all with her expansive warmth, captivating charm, and above all, superb and innovative cooking! Mountain Berries and Desert Spice is the eagerly awaited follow up to Sumayya’s acclaimed Pakistani cookbook Summers Under the Tamarind Tree – a truly delicious book of sweets! Mountain Berries and […] See more »

Mark Muller Stuart QC : The British intervention in Libya

Thursday 4th May, 8pm

Join us in welcoming Human Rights lawyer and senior UN mediator Mark Muller Stuart to celebrate the launch of Storm in the Desert. In this remarkable book, Mark Muller tells the story of British intervention in Libya and the Arab Spring from a unique civil society standpoint: he was there in Benghazi two weeks after the […] See more »

An Evening with James Runcie

Friday 2nd June, 8pm

“There is no denying the winning charm of these artfully fashioned mysteries” –  Independent Crime fiction is a treasured genre for us here in St Andrews; from the gritty to the cosy, we love it all. It’s therefore an absolute delight to welcome none other than James Runcie to the bookshop to discuss the latest instalment of […] See more »

Martin Kemp with Mona Lisa – The People and the Painting

Thursday 28th September, 8pm

Read this book and the world’s most famous image will never look the same again! This cultural icon still has secrets to reveal… For the first time, we meet previously undiscovered members of Leonardo’s immediate family and new information is revealed about his early childhood. We learn about the new money of the ambitious merchant […] See more »