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Alice Winn

Wednesday 26th June

Greenside Church, 1b Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, EH7 5AB
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Alice Winn author photo 2022, c. Jamie Ting

We are excited to welcome the literary darling of 2023, Alice Winn, who exceeded all expectations with her award-winning debut, In Memoriam. Following star-crossed soulmates during WWI, this story will touch the hearts of so many and we hope you can join us to hear the voice behind it all.

In Memoriam

In 1914, war feels far away to Henry Gaunt and Sidney Ellwood. They're too young to enlist, and anyway, Gaunt is fighting his own private battle - an all-consuming infatuation with the dreamy, poetic Ellwood - not having a clue that his best friend is in love with him, always has been.

When Gaunt's mother asks him to enlist in the British army to protect the family from anti-German attacks, he signs up immediately, relieved to escape his overwhelming feelings. But Ellwood and their classmates soon follow him into the horrors of trenches. Though Ellwood and Gaunt find fleeting moments of solace in one another, their friends are dying in front of them, and at any moment they could be next.

An epic tale of the devastating tragedies of war and the forbidden romance that blooms in its grip, In Memoriam is a breathtaking debut.

About Alice Winn

Alice Winn lives in Brooklyn, where she writes screenplays. She grew up in Paris and was educated in British boarding schools. She has a degree in English Literature from Oxford University. IN MEMORIAM is her debut novel.

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