Pre-Publication Exclusive: Sebastian Faulks with Paris Echo in St Andrews

Thursday 21st June 2018

  • Venue Buchanan Lecture Theatre, 79 North Street, KY16 9AD
  • Doors open 5.40pm
  • Start time 6pm
Image of Pre-Publication Exclusive: Sebastian Faulks with Paris Echo

Sebastian Faulks is a giant of our contemporary literary world. Since his 1993 novel Birdsong captured the imagination of readers across the country, he has seen his novels lauded, adapted for film, stage, and radio, and (of course) read avidly. Sebastian is visiting St Andrews to speak at the British Home Front Conference, but, we are most thrilled to announce, he will also be giving an exclusive, pre-publication reading from his forthcoming novel, Paris Echo.

Paris Echo, due to be published in September, follows Hannah, a researcher working on the lives of women during the German occupation of Paris in the 1940s, and Tariq, a teenager who has run away from his home in Morocco. Their cultures clash, and the reader is whisked back into the dark history of Paris. This is no city of croissants and bistros, but one of ghettos, bad faith, and betrayal.

Book Vouchers for this event are redeemable against a pre-order for a signed first edition of Paris Echo, to be collected or posted after publication.