An Evening with N T Wright : The Day the Revolution Began in St Andrews

Tuesday 11th April 2017

  • Venue Hope Park and Martyrs Church , KY16 9UY
  • Doors open 7.30pm
  • Start time 8pm
Image of An Evening with N T Wright : The Day the Revolution Began

Former Bishop of Durham and now research professor at the University of St Andrews, Tom Wright has done much to shape the landscape of popular theology.

In The Day the Revolution Began Tom Wright invites readers¬†to consider the full meaning of the event at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus’ crucifixion. As he did in his acclaimed Surprised by Hope, Wright once again challenges commonly held beliefs, this time arguing that the Protestant Reformation did not go far enough in reshaping our understanding of the Cross.

With his characteristic rigour and incisiveness, he goes back to the New Testament to show that Jesus’ death not only releases us from the guilt and power of sin, but is nothing less than the beginning of a world-wide revolution that continues to this day – a revolution that creates and energizes a movement responsible for restoring and reconciling the whole of God’s creation. The Day the Revolution Began¬†offers new insight into Jesus’ sacrifice: opening up its powerful and amazing implications, inspiring you with a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and reminding you of the crucial role you can play in the world-transforming movement that Jesus started.

Tom Wright is a renowned speaker who delights audiences with his ability to communicate complex ideas simply and clearly ~ join us for an evening of readings and discussions, and some uniquely enriching insights.

Tom Wright is, as always, brilliant at distilling immense scholarship into vivid, clear and accessible form” – Rowan Williams