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A night in with Michael Parkinson – online event in St Andrews

Thursday 10th December

  • Venue Online
  • Doors open 6.30pm
  • Start time 6.30pm
Image of A night in with Michael Parkinson – online event

Like Father, Like Son is the most personal book that Sir Michael Parkinson has ever written.  For the first time, he attempts to explore where his father came from and what shaped him in his life before Sir Michael was even a twinkling in his Father’s eye. On top of that it’s also the story of his Father, John William Parkinson, as told from his son Mike’s perspective revealing  how, as a grandfather and father-in-law, he touched and transformed every member of the family. As a consequence, the book contains two distinctive but complementary viewpoints which get to the heart of this fascinating family story.

Like Father, Like Son is a tender tribute to a wonderful man, an attempt to understand the grip of grief, and the emotional minefield that is the relationship between a father and a son.

In conversation with each other and with the aid of photos from the family archive as well as footage from the Parkinson show which helped inform and inspire the book, Sir Michael and Mike will give their individual viewpoints on this most remarkable of men as well as examine their own relationship and how they have fared in their own Father and Son story.

For this unique occasion we are teaming up with Hachette to offer copies of the book alongside this online event. Each place is £27 and includes a copy of the book, which we’ll post to you in the days after the event.

If you are buying tickets as gifts for other people, once you’ve bought the tickets email faneonline@fane.co.uk with the order number and the email address of each person you want to give the link to. Fane with then manually send each recipient their own link to register and watch.

If you want us to post the book to an address that isn’t your billing address, email us with the correct address and we will make sure the book is sent out to the new address. 

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