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Sarah Vowles on Michelangelo

Wednesday 26th June

Methodist Church, New Room, Chapel Street Ely CB6 1AD
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Tracing the final 30 years of Michelangelo's career, curator Sarah Vowles examines how the great master used art and faith to explore the common human experience of ageing in a rapidly changing world. This event is hosted to celebrate the new Michelangelo exhibition at the British Museum, running between 2nd May - 28th July.

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) was one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. Michelangelo was not the isolated, tortured genius of artistic legend but a man who maintained a close circle of friends and associates into old age. His late drawings, letters and poetry offer powerful insights into his psychology, reflecting his Catholic faith, his commanding intellectual engagement, and his hope for eternal life.

Built on the British Museum’s extraordinary collection of drawings, this book explores Michelangelo’s relationships and late creativity to go beyond the towering Renaissance master known today.

Sarah Vowles is Smirnov Family Curator of Italian and French Prints and Drawings and curator of the exhibition Michelangelo: the last decades, opening in May 2024 at the British Museum. Previous publications include Piranesi drawings: visions of antiquity and co-authorship of Mantegna and Bellini.