Jo Marchant in Ely

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

  • Venue The Old Bishop's Palace, Palace Green, Ely, CB7 4EW
  • Doors open 7.10pm
  • Start time 7.30pm
Image of Jo Marchant

The field of mind-body medicine is plagued by wild claims that mislead patients and instill false hope. But that doesn’t mean the mind plays no role in health. By taking a scientific approach to understanding how our mental state influences our physiology, perhaps we finally live in tune with our bodies in a way that is based on evidence, not faith. In her eye-opening new book Cure, Jo Marchant delves deep into the latest scientific research and asks these questions: – Are those who turn to alternative medicine deluded? Do our thoughts, beliefs and emotions influence our physical health? And can we train our brains to heal our bodies? Join Jo on a remarkable quest for the truth about the healing powers of the mind.