Free event: Diana Henry at Cathedral Christmas Fair in Ely

Friday 15th November 2013

  • Venue The Christmas Fair Marquee, Ely Cathedral, CB7 4DL
  • Doors open 6.40pm
  • Start time 7pm
Image of Free event: Diana Henry at Cathedral Christmas Fair

Many of you will already be devotees of Diana’s column in the  Daily Telegraph Stella magazine, while others will have well  thumbed, and no doubt slightly sticky copies of some of her previous books – Roast Figs Sugar Snow, Crazy Water Pickled Lemons, and Food from Plenty. Diana is one of the most vibrant and imaginative cooks and food writers around, with her tantalising titles, and equally exciting recipes with their trademark juxtapositions of sweet and sour, fatty and sharp, hot and cold. They evoke the romance of far flung regions, and an appreciation of the taste, colour and shape of the best a region produces.

Her most recent book – Sugar Salt Smoke is a cornucopia of ways to preserve food, to enhance it in the process, as well as adding intensity to other foods. It’s full of ideas for filling a Christmas store cupboard, or for special jams, jellies, chutneys and relishes to make as presents. Who would not be pleased with a bottle of Georgian plum sauce, or Danish pickled prunes or even pickled persimmons?

The event is being held in the marquee on the Cross Green. Entrance to the event is via these doors only. Once the event has finished, you can gain complimentary entry to the fair inside via the West doors of the Cathedral.