Please note the rescheduled date! John Simpson in Ely

Tuesday 14th March 2017

  • Venue Ely Cathedral, CB7 4DL
  • Doors open 6.45pm
  • Start time 7.30pm
Image of Please note the rescheduled date! John Simpson

All around the world, for hundreds of years, wherever war and strife break out, foreign correspondents have  been engaged in uncovering the latest news and – despite all obstacles  – reporting it by whatever means available. It’s a working life that is difficult, exciting and undeniably glamorous. If anyone has the right to tell the story of these correspondents then John Simpson is surely that man. In a distinguished BBC career spanning fifty years, he has reported on all of the major conflicts of our time with an unflinching gaze and a deep understanding of the tensions, human stories and terrible consequences of war. In We Chose to Speak of War and Strife, he brings us pivotal moments in our history – from the Crimean War to Vietnam, the siege of Sarajevo to the fall of Baghdad – through the eyes of those who risked life and limb to witness them first hand. We are honoured to welcome him to tell his story in the glorious setting of Ely Cathedral.

Please note the new date!