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Amy Sackville in Ely

Tuesday 18th June 2013

  • Venue The Bookshop, 9 High Street, Ely, CB7 4LJ
  • Doors open 7.10pm
  • Start time 7.30pm
Image of Amy Sackville

Jo loved Orkney, finding it a superb tale, filled with the quiet and peace of beautifully drawn landscapes. We just had to spread the word after such a review! Set on the remote Orkney islands, Sackville’s novel observes a curiously-matched couple – he an eminent literature professor, she his enigmatic star pupil – on their honeymoon. As days go by and the shifting skies move across the landscape, the professor begins to realise how little he knows of his beguiling new bride. Where does she come from? Why did she ask him to come north? What draws her to the sea?  As questions mount his companion begins to slip further and further away. This is sure to be an intriguing evening with a writer of great promise.