Ely Events and Reading Groups

In this atmospheric medieval city, just over an hour from London by train, author events range from reading groups and intimate salons in the bookshop to the drama of performances under the world-renowned Octagon of Ely Cathedral. We hold events all year round, but in the autumn there is a special focus on the Ely Literary Festival.

Joanna Trollope

Wednesday 28th February, 7.30pm

`Why on earth, after all you’ve been through, all you’ve survived, all you’ve achieved, why do you want to get married?’ Rose Woodrowe has just got engaged to Tyler Masson – a wonderful, sensitive man who is head-over-heels in love with her. The only problem? This isn’t the first time for either of them, and […] See more »

An Evening with Jim Kelly

Thursday 1st March, 7.30pm

1939, Cambridge: The opening weeks of the Second World War, and the first blackout – The Great Darkness – covers southern England, enveloping the city. Detective Inspector Eden Brooke, a wounded hero of the Great War, takes his nightly dip in the cool waters of the Cam. Daylight reveals a corpse on the riverside, the […] See more »

Will Millard

Monday 5th March, 7.30pm

Join us for an evening with BBC presenter and explorer Will Millard, celebrating his beautifully written memoir about fishing, family and the fens. Growing up on the Cambridgeshire Fens, Will Millard never felt more at home than when he was out with his granddad on the riverbank catching fish. As he grew older his competitive […] See more »

David Jacques

Wednesday 7th March, 7.30pm

Join us for a fascinating evening celebrating the publication of Ely-based archaeologist, David Jacques’ groundbreaking research into the origins of Stonehenge. The Stonehenge landscape is one of the most famous prehistoric places in the world, but much about the purpose and origins of the stones remains a mystery and little attention has been paid to what […] See more »

Harry Sidebottom

Thursday 8th March, 7.30pm

A lone figure stands silhouetted atop the Mausoleum of Hadrian.  He is alone and unarmed, without money or friends, trapped in a deadly conspiracy at the heart of the Empire. The City Watch has orders to take him alive; other, more sinister, forces want him dead. As the day dies, he realises he has only […] See more »

An Evening with Wendy Cope

Tuesday 13th March, 7.30pm

In Anecdotal Evidence, her first collection of new poetry since 2011’s acclaimed Family Values, Wendy Cope celebrates ‘the half-forgotten stories of our lives’ with compassion, wisdom and wit. She continues to be the most generous of authors, sharing her experience of childhood and marriage and writing poignantly about the passing of time. In several of the poems she […] See more »

Clare Mulley

Tuesday 27th March, 7.30pm

Hanna Reitsch and Melitta von Stauffenberg  fought convention to make their names in the male-dominated field of flight in 1930s Germany. With the war, both became pioneering test pilots and both were awarded the Iron Cross. But they could not have been more different and neither woman had a good word to say for the […] See more »