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Save the Bees with Professor Dave Goulson in Edinburgh

Friday 17th September

  • Venue The Bookshop, 2 Blenheim Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5JH
  • Doors open 7.30pm
  • Start time 8pm
Image of Save the Bees with Professor Dave Goulson

Insects represent the overwhelming majority of animal species on earth, likely accounting for up to 90% of the animal diversity of our planet. They also power many of our ecosystems; acting as pollinators, waste disposal and pest control. Insects are so vital to our daily lives that esteemed American biologist E.O. Wilson famously declared that without them nearly all terrestrial life would die out, including the entirety of the human race. We are now facing the reality of a world without these vital creatures, with some field studies showing a 77% decline of insect species diversity in just over 25 years.

Dave Goulson, founder of The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Professor of Biology at Sussex University, has an irresistible passion for insects. Loved for his wonderfully charming books A Sting in the Tale, Buzz in the Meadow and Bee Quest, he is perhaps the most prominent expert and champion of bumblebees, and their fellow insect species, in the country. InĀ Silent Earth, David draws on his own research and that of his fellow experts to vividly illustrate the severity of threat that faces insects today. He will visit Edinburgh to talk about what we can do to avoid losing these fascinating, wondrous animals.