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Philip Lymbery

Thursday 9th February 2023

Ukrainian Community Centre, 14 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB
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N.B. This event has been moved from the Bookshop to the Ukrainian Community Centre (14 Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB), which is just a few minutes walk from the bookshop.

Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive of the international farm-animal-welfare organisation, Compassion in World Farming, joins us in Edinburgh to discuss his remarkably prescient book, Sixty Harvests Left: How to Reach a Nature-Friendly Future.

Taking its title from a chilling warning issued by the United Nations that the world’s soils could be lost within a lifetime, Sixty Harvests Left uncovers how the food industry is threatening the planet to extinction. Put simply, without soils there will be no food: game over. From the UK to Italy, from Brazil to the Gambia to the USA, Philip goes behind the scenes of industrial farming and confronts ‘Big Agriculture’, where mega-farms, chemicals and animal cages are sweeping the countryside and jeopardising the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the nature that we treasure.

Impassioned, balanced and persuasive, Sixty Harvests Left not only demonstrates why future harvests matter more than ever, but reveals how we can restore our planet for a nature-friendly future.

Philip Lymbery is Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming. He has played a leading role in many major animal welfare reforms, including Europe-wide bans on veal crates for calves and barren battery cages for laying hens. He was appointed an ambassadorial ‘Champion’ for the UN Food Systems Summit in 2021. He also spearheaded Compassion in World Farming’s engagement with more than 1,000 food companies worldwide, leading to genuine improvements in the lives of more than two billion farm animals every year. A columnist for The Scotsman, his first book, Farmageddon, was listed as a Book of the Year by The Times, while his second book, Dead Zone, was selected as a ‘Must Read’ by the Daily Mail.