An Evening with John Simpson in Bath

Tuesday 16th October 2018

  • Venue Christ Church, Julian Road, Bath, BA1 2RH
  • Doors open 7.30pm
  • Start time 8pm
Image of An Evening with John Simpson

John Simpson is a stalwart of British Journalism, reporting on major events from across the world in a career that has spanned over 50 years.

In John Simpson’s time with the BBC, he has reported on major events all over the world, and is one of our leading journalists with unrivalled experience in the field. From being punched in the stomach by Harold Wilson on one of his first days as a reporter, to escaping summary execution in Beirut, John has had an astonishingly eventful career.

And throughout his 45-year reporting career, John Simpson has travelled often to Moscow, observing it swing frequently from stability and peace to  and turmoil and discontent frequently. He brings that wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in his new novel in which a suspicious death in London unravels into an international conspiracy that stretches all the way to the Kremlin.