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Naoise Dolan Recommends

Reading recommendations from the author of 'Exciting Times'

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Naoise Dolan

Naoise Dolan's debut, Exciting Times has launched itself into the literary world in a fittingly bold red and yellow dust jacket.

Exciting Times is the story of a young Irish woman, Ava who goes to teach english in Hong Kong. Ava over-thinks her way through life as an expat, wryly observing those around her with a detachment that she begins to shake off (with the help of a couple of complicated romantic entanglements) as the novel progresses. It is witty, sharply observed and you'll consume it like a box-set.

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Such a Fun Age

Kiley Reid, hardback


'This is the briskly paced story of a young black woman in Philadelphia who is wrongly accused of kidnapping the child she’s babysitting. Reid’s characterisation is stunning, from spot-on dialogue to intricate self-deception.'



Virginia Woolf, paperback


'I never feel I have enough people to talk to about Virginia Woolf. In particular, I never feel I have enough people to talk to about her place as a laugh-out-loud-funny LGBT writer. Read Orlando and tell me I’m wrong.'

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Rainbow Milk

Paul Mendez, hardback


'This debut follows Jesse, a young gay black man who flees a Wolverhampton Jehovah's Witness community to make his way as a sex worker in London. I agree with the comparisons that have been made to James Baldwin, but it’s mostly unlike anything else I’ve read. '

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Garth Greenwell, hardback


'Garth Greenwell approaches gay sex as an exchange deserving of the psychological insight and lyrical alertness that he would grant to any other human interaction—and given Greenwell’s powers as a writer, that’s saying something. As a queer reader, I needed this book.'

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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Anne Bronte, paperback


'I’m a Brontë fan in general, but Anne doesn’t get nearly enough love. She set out to depict her characters ‘as they really are [rather] than as they would wish to appear’, and she nailed it.'

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Convenience Store Woman

Sayaka Murata, paperback


'I recently wrote about how this book influenced my approach to novels as an autistic reader. Keiko Furukura, a Japanese long-term convenience store worker, has gone through life without a manual on how to act ‘normal’; some readers will see themselves in Keiko, others won’t, but either way I defy you not to race through her story in one sitting.'