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James Robertson

The Author Shares his Six-Pack of Good Reading

James Robertson portrait.JPG

James Robertson

James described this as his 'six pack of good reading' and what better to kick back with?

James Robertson is the prize-winning author of six novels as well as several collections, pictures books and anthologies. This year he has worked in collaboration with musician Aidan O'Rourke to record the short stories from his collection, 365 alongside musical responses. A story and an accompanying piece of music are released every day of 2020. You can listen or subscribe here.

What We did in the Dark.jpg

What We Did in the Dark

Ajay Close, paperback


'Newly published, this is an account of a disastrous marriage and how the woman involved finds the strength and courage to escape it. It is a beautifully written, thoroughly researched novel based on events in the early 1900s in the life of the Scottish writer Catherine Carswell.'

the way we live now.jpg

The Way We Live Now

Anthony Trollope, paperback


'Although written in the 1870s, in so many aspects this huge novel is about the way we still live - or did until very recently. Don’t be put off by its size or by any misconception that Trollope was a stuffy old Victorian bore; it is a magnificent and gripping read. Immerse yourself - you have the time!

south sea tales.jpg

South Sea Tales

Robert Louis Stevenson, paperback


'This selection includes ‘The Bottle Imp’, ‘The Beach at Falesa’, ‘The Isle of Voices’ and ‘The Ebb-Tide’ - Stevenson writing at his best, with a grown-up understanding of the corrosive effect colonialism had on the indigenous people of the South Pacific, where he spent the last years of his life.'

bonniest companie.jpg

The Bonniest Companie

Kathleen Jamie, paperback


'One of our quietest yet most profound poets, Kathleen Jamie makes you slow down and think about what really matters. This book was written in 2014, one poem composed every week of that year, but it speaks to the strange and momentous days we are living through right now.'


The Living Mountain

Nan Shepherd, paperback


'This short, wonderful book - part natural history, part philosophy, part self-exploration - of what the Cairngorms meant to Shepherd, who walked and climbed them throughout her life, is essential reading for anybody who loves mountains.'

the mating season.jpg

The Mating Season

P. G. Wodehouse, hardback


'When complete escapism is required, Wodehouse usually does it for me. Of all his novels, this Jeeves and Wooster one is my favourite: brilliantly funny, with a plot so tight you can hardly catch your breath between chapters.'