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Big Ideas

Exploring The Universe From Your Sitting Room


Beverley Clay

These books are the perfect place to begin learning more about the world we live in but rarely understand, tackling ideas from aliens to the elements, from gravity to the human brain.


The Brain

New Scientist, hardback


Exploring all aspects of neuroscience, from brain development to memory techniques, and decision-making to consciousness, this book has the answers to questions you didn’t realise you had.


Until The End of Time

Brian Greene, hardback


A sweeping exploration of the cosmos and our attempts to understand it, from the beginning of time to the closest science can bring us to the very end. Professor Greene investigates the vastly ranging ideas of black holes, consciousness, and quantum mechanics.


The Ascent of Gravity

Marcus Chown, paperback


Gravity is one of the most fundamental forces operating in the universe, intertwining space and time, and yet it remains not well understood. Marcus Chown guides us through the history of gravity, from its recognition to the present day and the potential our understanding of this vital force could provide.



Jim Al-Khalili, paperback


A gathering of some of our top science writers explore a perennial question: are we alone in the universe? Considering all angles from where to be looking for alien life to why we haven’t encountered any so far, this collection of essays is out of this world. Temporarily Out of Stock


The Gendered Brain

Gina Rippon, paperback


Using cutting-edge neuroscience, Professor Rippon examines and exposes the stereotypes about the ways we think, process information, and experience the world. A thorough scientific investigation, this book is becoming an increasingly vital read.


Periodic Tales

Hugh Aldersey-Williams, paperback


Bored by the chemistry you were taught in school but wish you knew more? Period Tales is the perfect remedy - packed full with interesting facts and stories about the chemical elements, Aldersey-Williams reintroduces us to the world around us.