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Jonathan Walker and Adam Roberts for The Angels of L19 in Online

Wednesday 18th August

  • Venue Online
  • Doors open 7pm
  • Start time 7.30pm
Image of Jonathan Walker and Adam Roberts for The Angels of L19

We’re very excited to announce we will be hosting a virtual evening with Jonathan Walker for his upcoming novel The Angels of L19, published by the wonderful new indie press Weatherglass. Jonathan will be interviewed by sci-fi favourite and author of The Thing Itself Adam Roberts.

To book places, preorder your copy of The Angels of L19 here.  Each copy of the book includes access to the online event. We’ll send the event link to the email address you use to complete your order, 24 hours before the event.

There more than one way to be born again. Liverpool, 1984. The teenagers at Garston Chapel are the same as the rest of us: The Smiths, U2, crushes, football, mates. The grimy, low down politics of the Thatcher era casting deep shadows in this proud and broken city, but the kids have got other things on their minds… Jesus Christ Our Lord for one.

Almost normal kids, then. But Robert isn’t at all normal. Because Robert is visited by angels  if that what they are. He can’t tell a soul about his secret. All anyone can see is his strange behaviour as he desperately seeks to understand what they mean, what they want from him. As Robert two worlds merge, the real and the visionary intersect with increasing intensity and what is being asked of him becomes terrifyingly clear. The Angels of L19 is a moving and entirely original story of young lives at the confluence of faith and doubt, angels and demons, life and death. And where redemption is possible, even for those we think might be lost forever.