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Henry Porter in Online

Wednesday 14th April

  • Venue Online
  • Doors open 7pm
  • Start time 7pm
Image of Henry Porter

Former Vanity Fair editor and Observer columnist Henry Porter joins us for an online event to celebrate the publication of his latest international spy thriller, The Old Enemy.

To book places, preorder your signed copy of The Old Enemy here. Each copy of the book includes access to the online event. We’ll send the event link to the email address you use to complete your order, 24 hours before the event. You are welcome to book a place up to an hour before the event starts.

Ex-MI6 officer Paul Samson has been tasked with secretly guarding Zoe Freemantle. He is just beginning to tire of the job when he is attacked in the street by a freakish looking knifeman. It is clear the target is on his back, not hers, but he doesn’t know who put it there. A few hours later, Samson watches footage from the US Congress where billionaire philanthropist Denis Hisami is poisoned with a nerve agent while testifying. It seems Samson’s mentor, MI6 legend Robert Harland, might be behind both from beyond the grave…