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Alistair Moffat: The Secret History of Here in St Andrews

Thursday 24th June

  • Venue Venue To Be Confirmed, St Andrews
  • Doors open 7.40pm
  • Start time 8pm
Image of Alistair Moffat: The Secret History of Here

This event will now take place onĀ Thursday 24th June 2021. If you have already booked a place your booking will remain valid, and we will contact you to confirm the change soon.

A former director of both the Edinburgh Fringe and Scottish Television, and once Rector of the University of St Andrews, Alistair Moffat is an author of high acclaim. In histories of Scotland, volumes on specific regions, and investigations into our genetic inheritance, Alistair has proven himself a great and popular chronicler of our past.

Alistair’s farm in the Borders lies on a site which has been occupied since pre-historic times. The Secret History of Here is a journal in which Alistair walks us through the centuries as much as the seasons, listening to the echoes of those who once lived on the land, and the whispers of those who live there now.