A Literary Odyssey Reading Group in

Wednesday 27th July 2016

  • Venue The Bookshop, 7 Greyfriars Garden, St Andrews, KY16 9HG
  • Doors open 6pm
  • Start time 6pm
Image of A Literary Odyssey Reading Group

Our Reading Group meets on the last Wednesday of each month to discuss a different novel from around the globe, charting waters new and exciting. We intend to introduce you to some of our favourite foreign or translated authors – writers who might not get as much attention alongside their British fellows, but should definitely not be missed!

So do join our voyage upon the high-seas of literature; to Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond!

In July, we will be reading Eugene Vodolazkin’s Laurus. Critically acclaimed in its native Russia, Laurus has won several literary prizes, including the prestigious Yasnaya Polyana.

It is a time of plague and pestilence, and a young healer, skilled in the art of herbs and remedies, finds himself overcome with grief and guilt when he fails to save the one he holds closest to his heart. Leaving behind his village, his possessions and his name, he sets out on a quest for redemption, penniless and alone. But this is no ordinary journey: wandering across plague-ridden Europe, offering his healing powers to all in need, he travels through ages and countries, encountering a rich tapestry of wayfarers along the way. Accosted by highwaymen, lynched in Yugoslavia and washed overboard at sea, he eventually reaches Jerusalem, only to find his greatest challenge is yet to come.