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Herman Melville Study Weekend in Ely

Saturday 14th September

  • Venue The Bookshop, 9 High Street, Ely, CB7 4LJ
  • Doors open 10.50am
  • Start time 11am
Image of Herman Melville Study WeekendImage of Herman Melville Study Weekend

Moby-Dick is widely regarded as one of the very greatest and most original
novels ever written. Yet many are put off by the length, strangeness and
seeming difficulty of Herman Melville’s masterwork and remain unaware of
the range and fascination of his other writings.
In fact, Moby-Dick is the central pinnacle of a substantial, varied and brilliant
output, extending from the lush Polynesian romance of Typee, through to the
spare tragedy of Billy Budd, and encompassing everything from realistic tales
of sea-faring, to sparkling black comedy and eerily prophetic stories of
everyday working life – not to mention one of the longest poems in the English
Robert Jones of Topping & Company – who has long been convinced that this
author’s richly rewarding creative qualities have too often been obscured by
overheated critical commentaries – leads a weekend-long exploration of
Melville’s work, placing him in the fascinating historical context of early C19th
American expansion, tracing his extensive travels by sea and land and following
the dramatic fluctuations of his literary reputation. In doing so, he hopes to
reveal this truly extraordinary writer as an altogether more lucid and
approachable figure than is often assumed.