Andrew Marr in Ely

Saturday 13th October 2012

  • Venue The Hayward Theatre, Kings School, The Gallery, Ely, CB7 4DB
  • Doors open 9.45am
  • Start time 10.15am
Image of Andrew Marr

Join us for a sparkling morning with the great Andrew Marr, whose humorous and insightful commentary on our political situation has long been a favourite part of our broadcasting history. Now Andrew returns with the fascinating History of the World: rejecting the traditional Eurocentric view, he examines and analyses our global past in his usual incisive way. This will be a superb morning with one of the greatest BBC reporters of recent years: there is surely no need to trumpet Andrew’s spectacularly engaging style, since everyone knows and loves him already!

Coffee and tea will be available in the Bookshop before and after the event, so do pop in for a browse and a cup of something after Andrew’s talk. He will certainly inspire us all to delve even further into our global history!