Emma Healey in Ely

Thursday 17th May 2018

  • Venue St Peter's Church, Broad Street, Ely, CB7 4AH
  • Doors open 7.10pm
  • Start time 7.30pm
Image of Emma Healey

15-year-old Lana goes missing for four agonising days. When she is found, unharmed, in the middle of the desolate countryside, everyone thinks the worst is over. But Lana refuses to tell anyone what happened, and the police draw a blank. The once-happy, loving family returns to London, where things start to fall apart. Lana begins acting strangely: refusing to go to school, and sleeping with the light on.  As Lana stays stubbornly silent, Jen desperately tries to reach out to a daughter who has become a stranger. Whistle in the Dark is another fantastically gripping read from Emma Healey, and this will be a fascinating evening with a writer who has established herself as one of the brightest stars of the current literary scene.