Lateral Cooking with Niki Segnit Talk & Tastings in Bath

Tuesday 2nd October

  • Venue The Bookshop, The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LS
  • Doors open 7.30pm
  • Start time 8pm
Image of Lateral Cooking with Niki Segnit  Talk & Tastings

Niki Segnit is the woman behind the groundbreaking, award-winning and bestselling book on our bedsides and kitchen counters, The Flavour Thesaurus.  Now, with a forward by Yotam Ottolenghi, she launches the inspiring new Lateral Cooking. One dish leads to another… Lateral Cooking is, in a sense, the `method’ companion to its bestselling predecessor, The Flavour Thesaurus – and is just as useful, ingeniously organised and enjoyable to read.  The`Flavours & Variations’ sections, for example, draw widely on culinary science, history, ideas from professional kitchens, observations by renowned food writers and personal recollection. Entertaining, opinionated and vital, Lateral Cooking will have you torn between donning your apron and settling back in a comfortable chair.

‘My grandmother did not own a recipe book, yet she cooked with an assessing eye, an experienced touch and absolutely no recourse to written instruction. I had a groaning library of cookbooks and followed recipes on autopilot.’  Niki Segnit