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Book Launch for Clash of Empires by Ben Kane in Bath

Wednesday 16th May 2018

  • Venue St Michael's Church, Broad Street, Bath, BA1 5LJ
  • Doors open 6.45pm
  • Start time 7pm
Image of Book Launch for Clash of Empires by Ben Kane

When a new empire rises, an old one must fall.

After sixteen years of bloody war against Rome, Hannibal Barca is on the verge of defeat. On the plains of Zama, Felix and his brother Antonius stand in the formidable Roman legions, ready to deliver the decisive blow. Victory will establish Rome as the pre-eminent power in the ancient world. But in northern Greece, Philip V of Macedon is determined to restore Alexander the Great’s kingdom to its former glory. Charismatic leader, ruthless general, he will use the unforgiving might of his phalanx to unite Greece and to fend off Rome’s grasping fingers. In Rome, young senator Flamininus is set on becoming one of the Republic’s greatest military commanders. With Hannibal on the verge of defeat, the as-yet-unconquered Macedon and Greece are ripe for conquest. Strategist and spymaster, politician and general, Flamininus will stop at nothing to bring Philip V to heel.

The Clash of Empires  tells the story of Rome’s invasion of Greece at the turn of the third century BC,  following both soldiers on the ground as well as great political figures of the day. A tumultuous time, when the Roman Republic was morphing into an international superpower capable of bringing down the mightiest of empires. Carthage had just fallen to the legions; Macedon and the city states of Greece were next. The encounter between the legions and the phalanx was is one of the great ‘What if?’ moments of history.

“A master of Roman military fiction, ” The Times.