Ben Kane on Spartacus in Bath

Saturday 13th October 2012

  • Venue St Michael's Church, Broad Street, Bath, BA1 5LJ
  • Doors open 11am
  • Start time 11.30am
Image of Ben Kane on Spartacus

At the start of Spartacus: Rebellion, Spartacus appears invincible. He’s beaten the best that Rome has thrown at him, and has shredded the legions that have opposed him. He seems unstoppable on his triumphant march towards the Alps and freedom. But in this second novel, Spartacus is matched against Crassus, the richest man in Rome. Discontent and division within the slave army, vivid battle scenes, and the politics and determination of Rome are all woven skilfully together in Ben Kane’s trademark blend of meticulous research and gripping plot. Spartacus emerges as more than a historical legend- he is a living, breathing, fully-realised and  flawed hero.

With this novel, Ben Kane reaffirms his place as one of our finest historical novelists.