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Understanding Ourselves and Each Other

Unity Through Knowledge


Beverley Clay

Now more than ever we must come together and promote unity and kindness, and what better way to that than through understanding? This selection of books provides an insight into different life experiences, helping us to better understand those around us and even ourselves.


How To Argue With A Racist

Adam Rutherford, hardback


Pseudoscience is regularly used to prop up racist arguments and sentiments, from questions of sporting proficiency to IQ. Dr Rutherford systematically examines the most commonly invoked of these arguments, laying down the science and research to disprove such racist ideologies.


The Gatekeeper

Kate Fall, hardback


A comprehensive account of life behind the doors of 10 Downing Street, Kate Fall allows readers access to a side of government mostly kept in the shadows. Written from over a decade of experience, The Gatekeeper explores the many and varied experiences of women in politics today.


Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race

Reni Eddo-Lodge, paperback


Eddo-Lodge provides an informed, rational, and passionate discourse on race in Britain today. From an exploration of the UK’s colonial history up to the present to considering the intersecting issues of class and feminism, this book is a necessary read for everyone.


Engines of Privilege

Francis Green & David Kynaston, paperback


A timely and critical examination of the UK’s private school system, Green and Kynaston consider the lasting effects of different types of education on a nation’s population. From the differing reasons for sending children to such schools to the roles the schools play in society, Engines of Privilege is a necessary text in the ongoing education debate.


Poverty Safari

Darren McGarvey, paperback


Poverty Safari gives readers a firsthand account of what poverty means in modern Britain. Exploring poverty as a lived experience rather than an abstract concept, McGarvey advances honest and insightful arguments for what we can all doacross the political spectrum to improve lives.


The Lies That Bind

Kwame Anthony Appiah, paperback


Professor Appiah considers the external forces which shape our identity, including class, race, and religion. The Lies That Bind effectively deconstructs the apparent personal nature of identity, demonstrating the intersectionality and contradictory nature of our identities.