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Jenny Pearson Recommends

Stories to light up your kids with laughter

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Jenny Pearson

Jenny Pearson's debut novel, The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates, is the hilarious adventure of Freddie and his two best friends on a not-so-secret secret mission. Perfect for summer holiday reading, join Freddie in his encounters with exploding toilets and Supergirl costumes!

Jenny Pearson has gathered together a selection of books bound to put a smile on young readers' faces.

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Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts

Katie and Kevin Tsang, paperback


Sam Wu is NOT afraid of anything. Except he is. This is a witty, charming and madcap tale that proved to be a huge hit in my house. How could you not love a story with a mischievous cat called Bunderbutt?

Charlie changes into a trex.jpg

Charlie Changes into a T-Rex

Sam Copeland, paperback


The second in the hilarious Charlie Changes into an unlikely animal series, has one of the funniest scenes in children’s books I have ever read. Let’s say it involves a lift, Tupperware, a goldfish and a kid with a very full bladder.

Anisha Accidental detective.jpg

Anisha Accidental Detective

Serena Patel, paperback


Patel has created a truly fantastic main character in science-mad Anisha and her comic capers are set against a background both warm and rich in culture. There are mishaps, a runaway lobster and a mischievous Grandmother and the mystery keeps children thinking. But for me, the importance of friendship and family is what makes this book so brilliant.

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Planet Omar

Zanib Mian, paperback


You can’t help but love Omar as you follow him through his move to a new school and the troubles that brings. Mian writes with such ease and simplicity but this story does so much more than make you laugh – it teaches you about empathy and acceptance.



Frank Cottrell-Boyce, paperback


I adore all of Cottrell-Boyce’s books. He surely is the master of creating the most wonderful, real characters and his stories burst with heart and humour. Cosmic will take you to space and back and make you laugh along the way, but ultimately it will remind you of what is really important.

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Comic Classics: Great Expectations

Jack Noel, paperback


With brilliant illustrations and witty words, Jack Noel breathes new life into this classic. Let’s face it, no eight-year-old kid is going to sit down and read Dickens. But mine read this version, loved it and on finishing said, ‘What else has this guy done?’ To be clear, he wasn’t asking about Dickens.